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Kimmo Linkama photoMy writing has helped sell aircraft, industrial gears, printing services, paper machine maintenance systems, cast iron, oil spill recovery pumps, software development, industrial property, power supply systems, IT services, log debarkers, wastewater management, solar inverters and a whole lot of other things.

I can help sell your product, service, system or idea. Online or offline. For more references, just drop me a line.

It's so easy to be smarter than your competitors.

Your competitors focus on themselves—we, our and us all the way. To them, customers are outsiders, our customers. They go on and on about their product features. Their tone of voice excludes the audience.

You're smarter. You know what companies and people grapple with. You focus on solving their problems and how they will benefit. You speak of them as you instead of a distant our customer. When your prospects come to trust and like you, they want to buy from you.

Start talking to your B2B prospects like you talk to normal people, to your team members. I'll help you create your materials to reflect it.

Words your audience loves to hear...

With me, you can start a dialogue with your audience. Marketing without marketingese and buzzwordy, bland corporate-speak. You get copy that always includes "What's In It For Me", the main thing your reader is interested in.

You'll work with someone whom both agencies and businesses rely on when producing marketing content. As an industrial copywriter, I have helped create simple, clear marketing messages for hundreds of B2B companies for 30 years. prices you can afford.

You'll save loads of money in comparison with hiring an agency. An independent professional like me doesn't need to inflate his billing to contribute to office rent, fancy interior, or staff perks. You'll see a distinct cost advantage without compromising quality.

You'll always stay within budget, because I'll quote a fixed price instead of hourly rates. For you, it means hiring me is as safe as buying a product off a catalogue.

You'll save time. Based on decades of working with many different industries, I'm quick to understand your brand, product or service, and the challenges your business is facing. It takes the minimum of time from brief to completion.

If you'd like to discuss how this could work in your case, just email me.

Where does this guy come from?

After getting my translator's degree, my first job was with a carpet and rug manufacturer in Finland who was looking to increase their business to continental Europe. As their Export Manager, my input increased the proportion of exports from 15 to 38 per cent of the company's turnover in a little more than two years.

Looking for bigger challenges, I then got a sales position with Finnair, the Finnish national airline, where my main job was to sell the airline's scheduled capacity to travel agencies and large corporate accounts.

One day in early 1985, I received a phone call from Anderson & Lembke Helsinki, the then top business-to-business advertising agency in Finland. They were looking for fresh copywriting talent, preferably people with previous sales experience. My background in exports and large-account sales, combined with writing skills, got me chosen. That's how I started in marketing communications, which I have been doing ever since.

During the next 10 years, I worked as an industrial copywriter, account executive, corporate communications manager and business unit director, until in 1996 I was ready to start my own B2B copywriting business. Based in Estonia since 2005, I work for industrial, technology and service companies everywhere who want to market their products or services in English-speaking markets or in the Nordic countries.

See my full CV here.

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