Kimmo Linkama, industrial copywriter. Simple, clear marketing messages for B2B companies.

Kimmo LinkamaHey, glad you clicked your way here! Let me introduce myself: Kimmo Linkama, an industrial copywriter who can help you make your marketing budget achieve more.

I have helped B2B companies increase the impact of their marketing communication through simple, clear marketing messages for 30 years. All the while saving them a lot of money in comparison with hiring an agency.

Why should you hire me?

Uninteresting products don't exist. Some creatives will think that your product or service is not "sexy". This attitude will reflect on the outcome. Moreover, the average agency copywriter is hard to get to understand your B2B product, service, competitive situation and business imperatives.

I have written copy that has sold aircraft, paper machine maintenance systems, cast iron, construction, industrial gears, software development, power supply systems, mining equipment, log debarkers and wastewater management. (The list is longer, but you get what I mean.) All with equal enthusiasm.

Hiring me will help you start a dialogue with your audience. You will have simple, clear marketing text. Marketing without marketingese and buzzword-infested corporate BS. Copy that always includes the WIIFM—What's In It For Me—the only thing your reader is interested in.

You'd be surprised how even a simple brochure or webpage can "talk" instead of self-serving "lecturing". Dialogue is not limited to social media, email or telephone.

You get top agency quality without breaking the bank. I have had the good fortune to work with agencies and companies who require nothing short of top quality. Add to that a freelancer's overheads, only a fraction of the big agencies', and you'll see the cost advantage you can get without compromising quality.

You get access to a network of other experts. I work with web designers, visual designers, translators and many other professionals whose talent you can tap into if you wish.

For 30+ years, I have helped create simple, clear marketing messages for around 200 clients. Based on experience in many different industries, I'm quick to understand your brand, product or service, and the challenges your business is facing.

You'll get the most out of me if you want to sell a technical or system solution in human-readable language to professionals. Even something "unsexy" like particleboard or quarry equipment or machine tool maintenance services. What is your product?

Where do I come from?

After getting my translator's degree, my first job was with a carpet and rug manufacturer in Finland who was looking to increase their business to continental Europe. As their Export Manager, my input increased the proportion of exports from 15 to 38 per cent of the company's turnover in a little more than two years.

Looking for bigger challenges, I then got a sales position with Finnair, the Finnish national airline, where my main job was to sell the airline's scheduled capacity to travel agencies and large corporate accounts.

One day in early 1985, I received a phone call from Anderson & Lembke, the then top business-to-business advertising agency in Finland, sometimes called "the university of copywriters". (You may know the name from the UK or US.) They were looking for fresh talent, preferably people with previous sales experience. Thanks to my background in export sales with large customers—combined with writing skills—I was chosen. That's how I got into marketing communication, which I have been doing ever since.

During the next 10 years, I worked as an industrial copywriter on the agency side and on the client side, in advertising and in PR, until I was ready to start my own B2B copywriting business in 1996. Based in Estonia since 2005, I work for industrial, technology and service companies everywhere who want to market their products or services in English-speaking markets or in the Nordic countries.

See my full CV here.

What do you want to sell? Maybe we should explore the possibilities together. All it takes to get started is for you to determine what you need and then an email to me.

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