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Back to basics

I've had my site and blog on Wordpress for a long time. Long enough that the updates and what-not to WP itself and its widgets over the years have screwed up the way it looks and works.

I have no incentive to muck about with php, javascript, widgets and databases or try to figure out what went wrong where.

Did I really need all that complexity? No. I like simplicity.

That's why this new site is built on HTML and CSS. Nothing more. Flat-file and the simplest possible design.

No images, no Javascript, no SEO, ugly URLs and you're in control of how it looks

Okay, there are 3 images. My face on the About page, the map on the Company & contact page, and the logo in the top-left of the page background. Wonderfully lightweight.

With the caveat that I might at some point include some kind of site analytics, there are no scripts anywhere. I'm told search engines are so clever these days, so I didn't bother with any SEO trickery. There's no meta.

Does it really matter whether or not your page URLs have an html, asp, php ending? I thought not. Do you think it's important? Why?

The looks. Almost non-design, but all the content is there. If you think the content looks like crap, adjust your browser's font settings. At least I'm not creating the layout as a table (ouch) like Warren Buffett, and this looks way better than The Drudge Report or Craigslist. Plus this site is fully responsive.

What has all this to do with you?

You're looking at a "Minimum Viable Website". Inspired by (sorry, Drew and Gabe, I had to complicate the CSS so my content presents better).

The key here is the "minimum viable". If you can present your content in a simple way, why make it more difficult? Simple is easier and quicker for the brain to process.

From the technology point of view, the fewer bells and whistles, the fewer points of failure. This page weighs 4 kilobytes. Smaller pages load much more quickly.

Whatever your design decision, though, you'll always get your core content from me. In simple, human-readable, easily understandable language. Get in touch.


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