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Tap into years of experience in improving texts: blogposts, whitepapers, articles, webpages, reports, brochures. Anything that is published in print or electronically.

Your experts wrote your content? Yes, they know their stuff inside out—but how are their writing skills? You can have their knowledge of the subject expressed in a way that speaks to the intended target audience.

You may have a lot of information that is still partly relevant. Even if it's growing old or is scattered across a variety of brochures, web pages, reports, memos and white papers, you can make it fresh again.

If you need text from various sources put together or given a new approach, you'll get text reading as if it were an original piece written for its purpose by one and the same person.

When you must fit a text into a designated space, I can help you decide what to include and what to leave out. At the same time, tightening up the content to provide the optimum amount of information. In professional terms, this is called copyfitting.

Proofreading avoids those pesky little slip-ups that get your materials sniggered at. My editing/proofreading service ensures your materials come across as professional and fluent.

Your materials could use a once-over? Or maybe blowing the cobwebs off some older stuff could make it relevant again? If you're thinking along those lines, just get an email on the way.

copywriting / editing / transcreation / consulting

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